Interview Tips: How To Turn A Weakness Into A Positive!

Once you’ve found your dream career on My Creative Job, you may be asked to an interview, an experience which can be nerve racking if you haven’t pre-prepared your responses. A interview question which may slip some people up is, “name one of your weaknesses” and whilst not all interviewers will ask this question, it’s much better to plan for it just in case!

The wrong way to go about this question is using personal, rather than professional weaknesses; weaknesses that aren’t relevant to the job; or turning one of your strengths into a weakness, such as ‘I work too hard’ – nobody wants to hear this and could hurt your potential to get the job!

The right way and definitely the best way to go about this is to think of a weakness that you’ve improved on from a past job and address the question in the form of a story; name a weakness that you’ve identified, the steps taken to improve on it, and that the weakness is no longer a problem for you. An interviewer would much rather you address the question like this!

So remember to pre-prepare and show the interviewer that you’re the type of person who is constantly looking to improve their abilities!

This is our last post of 2013, we’ve had a brilliant 3 months so far! Thank you to everyone that has been involved, we can’t wait to help even more people find their dream career and recruiters find their dream candidate in 2014!


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