The Future of Creative Office Spaces – Would You Give Up Your Desk?


Static working environments will soon be a thing of the past according to design firm Pearson Lloyd, proclaiming that common ‘open plan’ spaces can actually be counter-productive in terms of helping concentration and work productivity especially within the creative industry. The collaborative office furniture series between Pearson Lloyd and office furniture giant Bene ‘Parcs’  – aims to challenge office culture suited to different work tasks.

As explored in ‘Parcs’, collaborative and flexible spaces allow users to work in different zones as ‘drop-in’ and ‘temporary’ shared work spaces depending on what their working on. Its aim is to break down convention and rebuild a new working culture. “PARCS enhances communication and cooperation as well as contemplation and concentration, and anticipates future changes in working patterns, techniques and behaviour. PARCS is the first industrialised product line of its kind with a holistic and cultural approach.” – Bene

Parcs @ Campus 02



These designs are very much about changing working culture in favour of more fluid and flexible working spaces for creative environments, questioning the theory of owning a space/desk, as unused desk space wastes energy as well as space. love the idea of more creative and collaborative office spaces, would you give up your desk?

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